February 2021

Cock Fighting Cliter Training Cock Fighting Cliter Training

Cock Fighting  Cliter Training – Next, we will provide reliable articles that we have summarized and made as light as possible, so that they can be read by all groups, following training cliter for fighting cocks.

Training fighting cocks is very important to maintain the physical and stamina of the chicken. Chickens that rest too long will become dull in sharpness. Cliteran can be done every day ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the condition of the chicken and the chicken’s appetite for running after the new chicken is bathed and dried until the feathers are completely dry then spit free rest before the breakout exercise between 1-3 days by continuing to spit every day but don’t let it sand bath (special chicken pen umbaran ready to fight on carpet) is one way of caring for chickens, of course each individual sometimes has different methods even though the goal is the same.

The portion of cliter training is given according to the conditions of the chicken. Where the average cliter training ranges from 10 – 15 minutes. Only when the chicken shows signs of fatigue (for example, the mouth is open), then this exercise is ended. Usually, the more the chicken’s strength increases, the physical training given will increase. What is no less important is the schedule for the implementation of this cliter exercise. I usually do this technique in the afternoon. So, the chickens are washed in the morning and then dried in the sun. Rested in the umbaran cage. After the condition is good enough (not too bad), then given a portion of this cliter exercise routine every day. The following is an example video of a clitter exercise that is commonly done to increase chicken leg strength:

Chicken Cliter Technique Video

Before training, the chickens are bathed using the dry method. And after this exercise, the chickens are not simply put into the resting house. But first, it must be bathed in warm water by bathing the chickens in the dry method. The dry method differs from the wet method which is usually used to bathe chickens during delivery. The dry method only aims to clean dirt and sweat remnants on the chicken skin. So, the chickens after being trained will be clean.

Routine maintenance is carried out every day:

In the morning around 7 o’clock (if there is sunshine) bathed, then dried in the sun for a maximum of 2 hours / see the conditions at that time, then moved to the umbaran sampek cage at noon (12 noon), then put the cage, around 3 o’clock released briefly / cliter use hens and given a certain amount of feed.